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How to be a political activist without stress

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

One of my best friends recently asked me:

“Sylvitica, how can you be a political activist without getting completely overwhelmed by the news”?

So the first thing I have to share is my latest video on tips and tricks to be a political activist without stress.

The truth is, I recently had to take a 10-day break because I was about to have a mental breakdown from all the stress, frustration, anger I was feeling.

The pandemic, the protests, the racism, it got to be too much all at once. I was feeling so frustrated that I couldn’t do more.

So my mentor and my husband stepped in and told me I needed a total break. A break from work, a break from the news, and a break from social media.

And that’s what I did.

cFor 10 days I didn’t check my email, social media, read, watched, listened to the news. On very rare occasions I’d accidentally see a headline and I could feel my body change and my blood start to boil and shoot up like a rocket.

That made me realize that I do NOT WANT Tono Latino to be a source of stress for any of you.

I want to give you information but I do not want to overwhelm you. And these days, we are getting more and more overwhelmed because what is happening is a challenge for everyone on this planet.

If you want to get a news recap of the most important news of the day, I’m going LIVE on my Instagram account every Monday – Thursday at 6:30pm PST.

On Friday’s I share good news related to politics and progress 😊 so you know that if you check my Instagram stories, you will find something to give you hope that we are moving forward.

Speaking of going Live… I’m going to start going Live on YouTube as well. If you’d like to sign up, click here and get notified with the date and time when I will go live.

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