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Informed Insight💡📰✨

Imagine waking up energized, not overwhelmed, by the news — equipped not just with information but with insight that sparks real conversation and change. Picture a way to stay informed that cuts through the noise, offering curated content that feels like advice from a trusted friend. You're not dreaming; it's exactly what I'm building. 

Join my Informed Insight 💡📰✨ Community

Informed Explorer
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Essential tools and resources to keep you informed and effective in your civic engagement.

  • Top Picks Newsletters: Get the best newsletters for quick, actionable insights.

  • Smart Donation Guide: Learn where your donations make the biggest splash.

  • 5-Minute Actions: Easy, impactful ways to support causes you care about.

  • 2024 Election Guide: Essential info on the Electoral College, critical races, and more.

✨ Note: When you Click to Join, this will be the FREE version on Patreon ✨

Insightful Advocate

Get the insights you need to stay ahead, remain hopeful, and effectively contribute to the political discourse.


  • Perspective Videos: Get early access to concise videos that shine a light on overlooked aspects of U.S. politics, helping you see beyond mainstream narratives and gain deeper insights.

  • Bilingual Private Podcast: Listen to audio from our video content, now available in both English and Spanish, along with exclusive episodes just for you. Stay informed on the go.

  • Receipts Corner: Fact-based resources on hot-button issues, giving you the ammunition to engage in informed discussions and debunk misinformation.

  • Amplification Station: Tailored content ready to be shared, empowering you to influence your network with informed political insights.

Empowered Changemaker

With a unique blend of content and community features, you will feel empowered and inspired to make meaningful change


EVERYTHING for "Insightful Advocates" plus:


  • Exclusive A.M.A Live Sessions: Once a month, join me for an Ask Me Anything session! Whether you're curious about getting involved in electoral politics or need advice on mobilizing your community, this is your chance to get personalized insights and guidance directly from me.

  • "Un-watch the News" LIVE Shows: Imagine coming over to my house, and I catch you up on everything you missed. Join our live sessions twice a month, where we break down the latest happenings and focus on what truly matters, cutting through the noise of mainstream media.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Monthly status reports offer a glimpse into the inner workings of Tono Latino, including project updates, strategic discussions, and the impact of our collective actions.

Who is this for? 

  • If you're looking for a way to stay informed without being overwhelmed, seeking news delivered in a friendly manner with clarity and a touch of inspiration, this is for you.

  • If you want to dive into discussions feeling confident and informed, our community has your back — you'll soon be saying, "I can actually have a conversation about this!"

  • If you're eager for actionable insights that empower you to make a difference, seeking not just news but also ways to contribute positively.

  • If you want to understand what's happening in the United States government and you're looking for a blend of hope and actionable opportunities, join my Informed Insight💡📰✨ community.

  • For anyone who values mental wellness, needs to disconnect without guilt, but still wants to stay engaged in a meaningful way, this community gets you.

Who is this NOT for? 

  • If you're seeking up-to-the-minute news updates and continuous coverage, our approach, designed to avoid overwhelming you, may not align with your needs.

  • For those expecting detailed news analysis during off-peak times like weekends and holidays, my schedule might not align with your expectations. I hope you'll also take some moments to relax and recharge.

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